Under the rug

Sweep . . . sweep . . . sweep . . . under the rug. Sweep the “dust and dirt” of sin . . . under the rug. Sweep up truth into a little pile . . . and hide it under the rug.

Dust bunnies

Dust bunnies (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I Listened to the news on this official day of prayer. While listening to the the snippets of conversation from the President on this recognized day of prayer, the phrase “swept under the rug” came to mind. Indulge me for a moment and let’s unpack this thought a bit.

We had large area rugs in the small house I grew up in. I remember being given the task of dust mopping the wood floor around the area rug in the living room before it was vacuumed. It’s good my parents won’t be reading this; I surely would need to apologize to them that I swept up the dust bunnies into a pile and . . . you guessed it, I swept them under the rug. That Persian rug was heavy too, but I managed to take the easy way out and hid the dirt to avoid having to vacuum it up. Sounds silly now. But then, I was just saving myself work, never to be caught or so I thought.

As I watched the news while walking the treadmill, that memory popped up in my head as I was listening to our government once again, quickly side step rescue issues that left our men alone to die in Benghazi. I know this is a political hot potato. It will “go away” once the new Secretary of State takes over. But it will never go away for the families left behind to grieve. They don’t have the truth. Will they ever get the truth on this earth? I know we can sweep dirt under the rug, but what about truth? Can we sweep it under the rug as well?

But if you don’t do what you say, you will be sinning against God; you can be sure that your sin will track you down.  Numbers 32:23

This is an excellent scripture to be read at the prayer breakfast or any time from here on. Sweeping dust bunnies under rugs is not wise, but neither is making decisions and then denying that they existed. We can say “out of sight, out of mind”, but I think there is much sweeping going on in Washington DC. Thankfully, none of them, from the top down, have the final word. That is reserved for our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

God is with us; he is our leader.  2 Chronicles 13:12a


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