Without a Pope

This is written from a non-Catholic observer’s perspective. My intent is to discuss power; not to offend any person or particular persuasion. Most of us keep up with the headlines from around the globe. At least I try to. I cannot repeat them back, but I like to at least listen to what is being said about our world.

At this writing, Catholic believers are without a pope. There is no one to greet them from the upper window. The shades are drawn. The pope has stepped down from his role and retired; a first to do this in hundreds of years. I wonder. Does this time period of selecting a replacement fill you with anticipation? Does the time period without a spiritual leader fill you with anxiety? I would appreciate comments on this blog so I can learn your true feelings.

Perhaps you agree that the Pope in the Vatican in Rome is the highest, most powerful monarch on earth? All presidents and kings are known to have an audience with him. I have no idea what they discuss, but it must be important to consult with him after they accept new positions of power all over the world.

Most of us desire power in one form or another. Is it inherited in our genes? Or does it come from observing role models who are in one way or another climbing the power ladder? Power pays better, does it not? If you are in a position of authority over others, you get more money than they do and they aspire to have your position or one like yours, do they not? Even CEO’s, though in lower positions of power, still have the clout to give orders and make things happen. Many report up the ladder to the CEO who sits on top; a key position most desirable for the money, perks and notoriety it provides, just to name a few.

What about power. Is it important? Is it necessary? Could we all live in a society with equal positions; a level playing field if you will. Would that work? How? Or why not? I am curious. You see I would never become a top dog nor have I had an interest, but I am curious to know what drives others to become one.

Fortunately, I serve the one and only Top Dog. There is none higher. He is King of Kings and Lord of Lords. He is the Alpha and Omega; the beginning and the end. He has never had a beginning nor will He ever end. He just is. He rules the Universe from a place called Heaven. He created all that we see and all that we are. No one else can do that. We manage to clone, but that is puny compared to what God can do.

So I follow God from His book, the Bible. Others may follow a different book and that is their choice. But I choose to follow the One who is the highest, the wisest, the most powerful, the most humble, the most loving and perfect in character. He has never made a mistake. He always was and always will be the same. He is His character. Transparent. One and the same. I follow out of love. I follow because He first loved me. I follow because I know that I can rely on Him to do right by me. He is past, present and future, so I feel safe in His direction for my life. My God is not power-hungry but He has all power.

Isaiah 53 says that there was nothing about Him that was attractive. We despised, rejected and ignored Him. Plain clothing, dusty feet from walking the roads from town to town. I read about Jesus, God’s Son, in the gospels and I liked the way He treated people. I like serving Him just because of who He is. There is no one who loves me more. I like that.

There will be a new pope soon. The faithful followers will be joyous and relieved to have their leader in place. Kings, monarchs and presidents will be scheduling visits to meet with him privately. We will have a new, recognized world leader. But fortunately we don’t need a world leader for our souls. We have God for that. He is our Spiritual Leader and the only One needed to help us prepare for Heaven, our final home where we will live in His awesome presence forever!

Look to Me and be saved, all the ends of the earth! For I am God, and there is no other.  Isaiah 45:22

Before time began, now, and for eternity glory, majesty, power, and authority belong to the only God, our Savior, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.  Jude 1:25


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