Who knows best?

One of my boys had a general dislike for anything he hadn’t yet tried in his young life, which was most foods. He was not easily convinced either. There was the usual bartering at the table – you know, finish your peas before you can play. I never tried the one – you will finish your oatmeal even if it takes all day. He was born a politician so he probably would have had a comeback line. Cute-with-deep-dimples politicians are even harder to resist.

Apple pie

Apple pie (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

He was just a little tyke when I thought for sure he would need no persuasion to trying fresh, fragrant, mouth-watering (to his parents that is) apple pie. Nope. “What’s in it?” was always his question. Here we go again. He asked the same question about chili, which he happened to like, but he disliked beans and what’s in most chili?? I had to get creative in my answers to keep him eating the stuff. But I was not prepared to be grilled over something as nice as pie.

Nope. He was sure he wouldn’t like it and no matter how many spoonfuls I brought to his lips, he clamped his teeth together. Well, it wasn’t good-for-you green vegetables, so why create anxiety in the poor little chap? Dessert is optional, right? I should be pleased. Besides, every bite he refused became mine to enjoy. Until he weakened a little . . . Perhaps his curiosity got the best of him and at the very last bite, he opened his mouth and I spooned it in. Wish I had a picture of his face. He lit up like a Christmas tree. It was an instant hit. Sorry, Charlie, pie’s all gone.

All the next week I was badgered. “When are you going to make more apple pie, mommy?” he’d fire at me about every hour. He counted down the days until the weekend. The questions continued even through church. Shhh, son. No pie until we get home. It was too much for a wiggly little boy to take. No sooner had the preacher said, “Amen” when out of the mouth of this babe and loudly enough to echo across the aisle, “Now I can have some apple pie!” Yes you can little one. Yes you can.

That story will always bring a smile to my face and probably color to his cheeks if he knew I shared it with you. But his selective nature or better yet, his stubborn nature reminds me of, ahhhhhh, me. Sometimes I think I know best. Ever found yourself in that spot, spiritually speaking? Never? Ah come on, mate. Humility is progress.

To make a spiritual point, our first mom, Eve, may have thought she knew better…..she was foiled by the master of evil himself. This was not a job for one of his demon angels. No. This gig could not risk mismanagement. All the other worlds had sent them packing and they weren’t ready to retire. They needed work to do and people to do it with, so planet earth had to be a success.

The plan? Simple and yet complex. First, he hoped she could be lured to the part of the garden God cautioned them to keep out of to avoid temptation. So that is where satan, disguised as a dazzling serpent, had coiled himself around the tree and peeked through the branches in a stake out for Eve.

If you take away nothing else, remember this: never argue with the devil. Let God do battle with him. Instead of engaging in conversation as Eve did, tell him to “get behind me” just as Jesus did when He was being tested in the wilderness. Eve found herself alone at the tree. She was curious about a talking snake, so she paused to listen and was drawn in by his charm. Then he engaged her in conversation by asking a question about God’s fairness. This portion of Genesis is so complex that we each should take it line by line in study. Why? Because history repeats itself.

Now the snake was the most cunning animal that the Lord God had made. The snake asked the woman, “Did God really tell you not to eat fruit from any tree in the garden?”  Genesis 3:1


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