Give thanks to the Lord, because he is good; his love is eternal. Psalm 136:1, GNT

He opened the back door like any other day, but this day was different. A heat wave nearly knocked him backwards. Carefully he stepped foot in the house, wishing he could remember where the fire extinguisher was. Where there was heat there should be flames licking their chops, but he saw none. The heat quickly drew him to the stove where a pot sat on a red-hot burner. Looking around for something to protect his hands, he grabbed the pot and took it out to the garage and then quickly returned to scout for any other hot spots, but fortunately that was the only one.

No one was home. The person he had questions for had not arrived home yet, but he would be ready for her. He opened up the house to get some fresh air flowing and to cool the place off. Relieved that the house had not burned to the ground, he dared to relax just a little.

Blackened Ginger Orange Chicken

Burnt offering (Photo credit: George)

Meanwhile, the lady in question finished up a routine day at the office and even made a stop or two on her way home, having no idea what awaited her. Apparently she took the right amount of time getting home which gave his heart rate time to return to normal, and allowed time for kinder, gentler thoughts about the questions he wanted to ask her when she arrived home.

Innocence shows on the face, don’t you agree? You can always tell when children are withholding truth, especially if they have a face covered in chocolate as they answer, “Nope, I didn’t eat any “chocolate chip cookies”.

I must have looked innocent too. So he asked me, “Did you perhaps leave a burner on when you left for work this morning?” I gasped. My hands flew to my face. I was in full alarm mode. He quieted me down and said it was all okay . . . now. But he was curious what I had planned for dinner because it didn’t look edible.  We went out to the garage and peered into the pot. The stainless steel pot had completely burned through the bottom. And to one side was a small black nub; all that remained of the pot of yams covered with water and set on high to boil a few minutes before I left for work. I had failed to turn off the burner and it remained on high heat for eight hours!

God performed a miracle and saved our house. It could have been ashes. Instead the only ash was in the pot. Potatoes and pot are easily replaced.

I will give them a crown to replace their ashes, and the oil of gladness to replace their sorrow, and clothes of praise to replace their spirit of sadness.  Isaiah 61:3


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