Mistakes [re-work or c/p as new one]


Travel (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Indeed, we all make many mistakes . . .  James 3:2

I blog to help inspire, encourage us all in our journey thru life no matter where it takes us. My journey is about hope after pain and sorrow. It’s also about sharing the journey with others who may also be in pain. This is a place to park and rest for a while. I imagine a park bench where we can sit and watch walkers, bikers, strollers and feathered creatures gobble up bread crumbs. It’s a place to sit and be silent; listening to the birds chirping high in the trees above. It is a place to sit and share our stories. The stuffin’s of life is like a well-worn blanket when we feel safe enough to share the deep stuff. It’s not easy. But all are welcome here.


Finding material to write about takes more effort for me than it probably does for other bloggers out there. I love your work and I appreciate it when you let me know you like mine as well. It’s a feeling of accomplishment in a world sometimes so indifferent. Am I through making mistakes? Hardly. Do I write things that offend some readers? Probably. But I don’t write with that intent. It is free space for free thought in a free country which we are still blessed to live in. The intent is to touch a hurting heart or a deep thinker with a splash of love and encouragement. We can all use some, right?

I have an amusing memory in my mind. My two boys were quite young at the time. They were two little cherubs most of the time, but shopping would NOT be something they would want to do on their BEST day. But Mommy needed to take them with her everywhere she went and it was a shopping destination in a not-so-familiar part of town. I have to admit, they were being good little guys with their toys and books available to them in the back seat. Meanwhile, I was making wrong turns ~ no GPS  in those days ~ and the kiddie chatter in the back seat was distracting me at a critical juncture, so I asked, “Boys, Mommy has made a mistake and she needs to have you be quiet for just a minute until she gets turned around, okay?”

Good as gold, the boys became very quiet in their play and after just a few minutes, we were heading in the right direction again. It was so peaceful in the car and I was just soaking up the silence which was rare in those early years when . . . there was this timid little voice from the backseat, “Mommy, are you finished making mistakes now?” Heart-melting question, rare sweet footage in my memory garden. Gotta love our children from first baby bump to last breath, which we parents assume will be well after we are gone,  if it is to be the expected in the natural order of life.

But we live with unnatural order it seems. We are blind-sided by the unexpected and pain happens. But here, may you find what you are looking for if only for this moment when our minds cross paths. There will be more challenges and certainly more mistakes, but growth comes unexpectedly sometimes after the pain. I’d like to say that I have advanced from survivor to thriver, but the truth is, I don’t think I have achieved that milestone yet, but I’d like to. One thing for sure, as this journey through life continues, I count it a joy to share it with fellow travelers like you.

My friends, consider yourselves fortunate when all kinds of trials come your way, for you know that when your faith succeeds in facing such trials, the result is the ability to endure.  James 1:1-3, GNT



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