Go Tell

I have been slowly blogging through my book, Shattered by Suicide: My Conversations With God After The Tragic Death Of My Son. Original material has also been included along with special writings of others on occasion, but I know this book has blessed others on their grief journey because they have told me. God’s Spirit rules the Universe and He puts things in our path that He knows will encourage us in our grief. I am sure there are many books out there that encourage and this is simply one of them in my humble opinion. No one need read further if you have not yet fallen in love with God and His Son, Jesus Christ. Each page in my book has His thoughts in it. I am just His scribe. Read on if you are interested. I love you all.

Oh, thank God ~ He’s so good! His love never runs out. All of you set free by God, tell the world!  Psalm 107:1-2

My Dear Daughter,

Thank you for allowing Me to accompany you on this

leg of your journey through grief.

How disappointed I would have been had you not invited Me!

Now go tell what you have learned; share your story with

hurting families everywhere.

Tell them of My great compassion, comfort, and undying love.

Tell them My arms are long enough to encircle all of them.

Tell them My heart weeps along with theirs . . .

Tell them how you are finding what you were searching for . . . in Me.

Remember, the more you share your story,

the more you, yourself, will be comforted . . . it’s a win/win.

So take Me with you wherever you go.

Go tell the rest of My hurting children that I am coming soon

and only through Me, can their hearts be truly set free to enjoy eternity.

We are almost home for good.



~Gracie Thompson


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