Build on the Rock

My Child, You must listen to My Words in order to heed their teachings. And if you do, you will be like the wise person who built his house on a firm foundation by digging down deep into solid rock. He is prepared when the flood waters rise and break against the house. It will stand firm.  Luke 6:48

English: Rock outcrop on Newquay beach. The pr...

Rock outcrop on Newquay beach. The private house built on the rock is linked to the mainland by a suspension bridge. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

On the other hand, if you just read My Words and don’t work them into your daily life, you are like the foolish carpenter who builds his house on a sandy beach. When a storm rolls in and the waves come up it will collapse like a deck of cards.  Matthew 7:26-27

Consider the first house with a firm foundation. This person reads and heeds My Words, sweeping his new house clean of all evil. It is kept clean and tidy . . . but empty. The enemy keeps watch. He loves empty and he will return to that same house bringing more demons with him and the condition of this man’s heart will be worse than if he had never built it on a firm foundation in the first place.  Matthew 12:43-45

You see, My Child, I know the condition of your “house.” I know when it is swept clean but remains empty. And I long to fill it with My love and power, but you must first let Me in. “I stand at the door and knock.”  Revelation 3:20

I won’t barge in against your will, but the enemy will. He’ll peek in the windows and if he sees that your house remains empty, he’ll return and force his way in with  many cronies in tow in his attempt to completely destroy you. Please, let Me in. Let’s study and learn together. Let’s put your firm foundation to good use. Let Me save you from destruction.

Your Friend,


All scripture paraphrased

~shared from “Shattered by Suicide” (sold on Amazon)


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