The crust caper

Fresh Strawberry Pie

Note chunk of crust missing. (Photo credit: ZakVTA)

A picture speaks a thousand words, doesn’t it? If you are a lover of strawberries, this picture shouts volumes and it beckons me to bake. Strawberry season is here! It makes us strawberry lovers start to drool at the thought of fresh strawberry pie. It does me anyway and I had everything on hand. I hadn’t done the back-breaking labor, but I did pick out the best looking berries I could find in the grocery store and grabbed the topping. The crust was easy. I had one in the freezer just begging to be baked so the stage was set and yummy thoughts were set in motion.

That evening, I baked the crust. Here was the plan. After it cooled it was going in the fridge overnight while dreams of piled-high strawberries danced in my head. How wonderful to share a thing of beauty to dinner guests the next day. Unfortunately I forgot to put the crust away before I went to bed. Big mistake! I know the rules. Cats “cat about” while people sleep. Our area rugs are always scattered out of place  in the  morning. I can hear them thunder across the wood floor and slide. I know they stay off the counters while we are watching, but there are no rules at night. And this night had been no exception.

As soon as my feet hit the floor, I remembered the pie crust.  I hastened to the kitchen to see if there was any damage. Yup. My eyes took in the crime scene. Dry beans I had used for blind-baking the crust were scattered all over the counter and on the floor. A glass dish had been knocked off the counter and had shattered. I grabbed a broom and dust pan to clean up the broken glass, occasionally looking around for a cat with a smile on his face. None seen. The two little ones were too curious and too close at hand to be guilty ~ so like children. The culprit was probably hiding out somewhere.

We have no hidden cameras in our house – but oh I wish we did. I would had paid good money to have seen this in action. I can only assume that the culprit was Pipy, our cat who prefers our food to his. He’s our usual hi-jinks cat and trouble seems to follow him whenever the lights go out at night, so my forgetfulness was his gain.

It was after I cleaned up the shards of glass that I noticed the pie crust. It was cracked on one side and a large chunk missing on the other. I could picture Pipy sitting in the middle of the pie crust, trying his best to get more crust in his tummy before the day dawned. I turned around, my eyes zeroing in on his favorite pillow. He’d been sleeping . . . yawn . . . but with my appearance he was suddenly on high alert, watching for signs of danger. Oh well. Why bother? He would never connect the caper to my sudden irrational behavior, not that he hadn’t seen it before. Rather boring actually. Back to the nap.

I guess it was too late to activate the 5-second rule? So this crust was garbage. We’d have to settle for strawberries and cream for dessert instead. And Pipy would live to see another day with the possibility of more delectable delights.

I am thankful that God doesn’t have a 5-second rule when I goof up.  He is far too patient, too kind, too loving and too understanding of my messes. Who else would willingly forgive the second I ask? Gone . . . just like that. Now it’s my turn to forget . . . and resist the temptation to fish where God has posted a “No Fishing” sign. My sins are buried in the depths and I am to forget about them, just as he already has.

I just love God’s forgiveness. Don’t you?

Once again you will have compassion on us.You will trample our sins under your feet and throw them into the depths of the ocean!  Micah 7:19



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