A Perfect “Pear”


Perfect Pair

Our son’s wedding was beautiful in every possible way ~ even with the sound of gentle rain falling on a canopy of leafy green. He and his lovely bride spoke their vows to each other enveloped by a giant old tree which seemed to clasp them in a mighty embrace. Precious words, precious smiles, precious tender moments for them to hold forever in their hearts and we to remember forever as we shared their joy. I am filled with happiness that my son married the woman he has chosen to treasure for the rest of his life. She is lovely in every way and now we have a daughter added to the family to love.

Those of you who follow my blogging know that at its core, it is about loss and how we live with it in spite of missing those we have loved and sadly, been forced to bury. It’s difficult isn’t it? Do we fake a smile at happy occasions or do we truly embrace the moments of happiness that may be around every corner as we move along with life? I say, let’s choose to embrace them. Let’s pour ourselves into each and every moment as God gives us breath and grace.

I have promised to tell the truth, so I admit that I wondered if I could bear the happiness of our son’s wedding without feeling sadness too. My son would marry without sharing his special day with his brother who would likely have been his best man. Instead, he was blessed to have as his best main, a friend who is like a brother. In fact, all three boys grew up together. My son could not have made a wiser choice and it surprisingly, it brought me no pain.

I had time to process both the bitter and sweet emotions during the engagement period and I promised myself, with God’s help, to have no tears of sadness and my prayers were answered. With the falling rain my attire and hairdo, like everyone else’s, got dampened, but my heart was overflowing with joy. Actually we prayed that the dark clouds would move elsewhere and since they didn’t, perhaps the raindrops were God’s tears of joy?

There were a few moments of painful conflict which came quite unexpectedly. As the newlyweds held each other and danced and swayed to an old favorite, “Love Me Tender” by Elvis Presley, the beauty of the moment put me in overload and tears began to trickle down my cheeks. A friend handed me a tissue and soothingly rubbed my back. I don’t have an explanation for the tears. But I don’t apologize for them either. It was a moment of extreme pleasure combined with reminders of days gone by. . . the old song. . . my sons all grown up. . .one laid to rest. . .the other one expressing pure joy with every look and movement. So I had tears. He did not see them, for he only had eyes for his beautiful bride.

The lovely couple chose as their wedding theme “Pick a Perfect Pear”. To celebrate their cute idea, we munched salad greens with fresh pear slices, enjoyed the delectable pear dumplings, sipped pear cider with each toast and took away fresh pears to enjoy later. From the first glance to the last photo, our son and his bride had put their love for each other into every frame.

Thank you, God, for preparing and pairing these darling children to be a “pear” of beauties for the rest of their days on earth. Thank you for giving your blessing. What more could we ask for?


4 thoughts on “A Perfect “Pear”

    • Me too, Nancy. Weddings, funerals, births, family reunions . . . there seems to always been a time to choke up, but then, we don’t need a special occasion to do that, do we. It was hard writing this. I cried a lot. I didn’t expect to cry at the wedding, but I did. We just take the tears when they come. Thanks for writing. Loved your comment. Honest and from the heart.

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