He’s Mine!

Tug of war? Sometimes I think so. No doubt there are sides; one Good and one evil. This story, shared by a friend, reminds me of the war game we are in only it’s not a game. It is a fight to the death. As hard as the battle rages, we know who wins. We’ve read the back of the Book. So dig in!

English: Author: Irish Tug of War Source: (OWN)

English: Author: Irish Tug of War Source: (OWN) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

 ~ Sharing a mother’s story written as a letter from God ~

But stop your crying and wipe away your tears. Everything you have done for your children will not go unrewarded. I will bring them back from death and from the land of the enemy.  Jeremiah 31:16

My Dear Daughter,

Do not weep over the death of your precious son. He was a glowing ember in My heart long before he was a twinkle in his daddy’s eye. Do you trust Me? Trust in My power to restore him to you one day soon. I have many other children who are also resting until I come. Perhaps it will help you to hear a story about another young son of Mine.

Some years ago, I had a precious son who loved the great outdoors. He often hiked in the mountains or kayaked the rivers; flying down the steep waterfalls into the foam below. He was exhilarated and happy when he was celebrating My creation, his face radiating sheer joy. I had to throw back My head and laugh, sharing in his excitement. He had such gifts, but he had such sorrows too and they got the best of him with the enemy’s help.

This young man had gone camping and had parked in the cliffs overlooking a canyon high in the Sierra Mountains. He was missing for days and his mother was distraught with worry. While a Search and Rescue team was dispatched to look for him, I knew where he was and I did not leave his side.

I gave a vision to a friend of his mother’s and she awoke with a start. The vision was in vivid color and she recognized the face of the young man lying on a ledge near the canyon floor by a stream. Instantly awake, she was on her feet and sprinted to the phone. With shaky fingers she dialed the phone number of his mother who hadn’t been able to sleep, her heart heavy with the devastating news that her son was dead.

My arms were wrapped tightly around her shoulders. I had been sitting beside her for hours, holding her and wiping the tears that streamed down her cheeks. I ached to resurrect her son on the spot, but he, like your son, will have to rest until I come again.

The phone rang. It was his mother’s friend, calling to check on her. I helped her choke out the words, “They found my son. He’s dead.” Her friend responded, “I know,” she offered sadly. “I saw him in a vision. But you have to hear what else I saw. He was not alone on that outcrop on the canyon wall,” she chattered in breathless excitement, “Jesus was standing on one side of your son and Satan on the other, and I could hear them talking just as clearly as if they were in my bedroom. Jesus said calmly, but firmly, ”satan, you cannot have him any longer. You have tormented him long enough and he’s Mine.’

“To which satan spat back, pointing his bony finger toward Jesus, ‘But he broke Your commandment: Thou shalt not kill.’ ”

Jesus paused, allowing Satan’s ringing words to exit the canyon. Again He answered calmly but firmly “‘No, you don’t understand, Satan. He’s Mine now . . . and forever!”

My arm still around her shoulders, My daughter slowly hung up the phone and we sat down together. She began to relax in My embrace and I knew she understood. She would one day soon have her precious gift I had given her, back again. She would embrace her son again.

See, My daughter, I have given special hearts to mothers to love their children unconditionally for as long as they have them, but they will continue to miss them all of their days until eternity. But for My kids, it will seem like they had just closed their eyes in sleep when I come to wake them up! Continue to share your stories and the Good News, will you?

All My Love,

Jesus, Your Forever Friend

For I will contend with him who contends with you, and I will save your children. Isaiah 49:25 


“Shattered By Suicide, My Conversations With God After The Tragic Death Of My Son”

by Gracie Thompson


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