Eight-legged miracle

We’d been off our satellite for weeks and I missed my favorite programs. The satellite package we bought had some years on it by now, so what should we expect, right? Stuff breaks down. New parts are called for, but companies go out of business and buying a brand new satellite package was not in the budget. But whining won’t bring a solution, so I finally called the company who no longer sells or services the product we bought, but they were able to refer me to the company who took over their product line. Good! But my lack of “techy” understanding is coming into play and things are going rapidly down hill. Bad! I know zero about this stuff so what kind of questions do I ask anyway? And questions mean money;  money we don’t need to spend on something as frivolous as a new satellite system.

God, can you please fix it?

The cap had come off the end piece thingy. We thought perhaps something got damaged inside while the cap off, but what do we know?

Spider Web Fall Morning

(Photo credit: scottleduc)

Curious, my hubby poked a finger in the end with the missing cap (retro back to early childhood pre-occupation with electric outlets?) and something spongy gave way to his touch. I’d have left for the next county, but he persistently poked at the spongy stuff and out walked a spider; a rather large, indignant spider, I might add. Apparently hubby had disturbed her house. Picking up a stick and wiping the interior with it,  hubby was able to get the sticky web to cling to the stick. Ms. Spider will have to rebuild ~ elsewhere, but here is the really, really cool part . . . the satellite works fine now. Who knew?

Thank you, God!

You, God, are awesome . . .   Psalm 68:35


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