It’s not a white flag


MY SURRENDER (Photo credit: Andre Bohrer)

Submit to one another out of reverence for Christ.  Ephesians 5:21
To wave an all-white banner or piece of cloth has long been recognized as a symbol of surrender. But the word, surrender, has also meant giving up, or weakening or yielding. For many people, the idea of submitting themselves to someone else carries a negative connotation. Submitting implies inferiority, subservience, or blind obedience. But in this discussion, nothing could be further from God’s truth.
Submission as described in the Bible is a mutual commitment between two equals whose goal is to foster unity and cooperation. The ancient Greek word used in the Bible to describe submission is a military command telling troops to get in order according to their rank. By following this structure of authority, solders can work together more efficiently to accomplish their own individual duties. A company with too many generals and not enough privates has little chance of winning a war and might be forced to wave a white flag in surrender.
Some of us women may be very familiar with the text in the Bible asking wives to submit to their husbands and bristle at the thought. But Ephesians 5:21 lays the groundwork for something bigger. It makes absolutely clear that submission is expected of every follower of Jesus, not just a few specific groups of people. One way that Jesus showed his love was by willingly setting his rights aside to better serve others. Every time we follow his example, we honor him.
In daily life, submitting to one another looks a lot like respect, humility and love. It means to not demand my own way, flaunt authority or nurture a superiority complex. It means to leave those things in the past and instead, begin a life that looks more like the example of Jesus. Before mutual submission is evident in my actions, it needs to take root in my attitude. What is encouraging is that the process begins the moment I willingly swap my own personal agenda for life with God‘s.

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