Twice Mine

To point and dream...

To point and dream… (Photo credit: Images by John ‘K’)

As the story goes there was a little boy who worked tirelessly to build a sailboat. At last came the day when he was ready to put her to the test. Would she float? He set her gently in the stream, stood up, and prepared to enjoy her maiden voyage, but to his dismay the wind caught her sail, tipped her over and she was quickly sucked downstream. The little boy hurried to follow, but could not see her. She has disappeared from sight. He searched and searched, but did not find his beloved boat. After all that loving work, his sailboat was gone.

Some days later, making a trip to town with his mother, they happened to walk by the pawn shop. He was shocked to see his little sailboat displayed in the window! He knew she was his for he was familiar with her design. After all hadn’t he poured hours of love into her creation? Getting his mother’s permission he pushed open the door and approached the proprietor who stood behind the counter. “Mister”, he stated pointing to the window, “that’s my sailboat.”

“No it ain’t,” the man retorted gruffly. “It belongs to me, but if you wanna buy it I’ll sell it to you for $5.00.”

$5.00! The man might as well have asked for $50.00! The little tyke didn’t have two nickels to rub together. That evening the little boy approached his daddy. “Daddy,” he asked, “may I please have $5.00 so I can buy back my sailboat?”

Daddy was sorry his son had worked so hard on his little sailboat only to lose it, but money did not come easily so he gave him a suggestion instead. “Son,” he asked, “why don’t you do some chores around here and before long you will have earned enough money to buy back your sailboat?”

The little boy’s eyes lit up at the idea. He’d gladly do some chores so he could buy back his sailboat. She was worth it. Before long he had made the money he needed. Carefully he counted each coin. Yes, he had enough. Now to get back to the pawn shop and hope that his sailboat was still there! Yep. There she was in the window as if waiting for him. Pushing open the door he hastened to the counter, “Here mister,” he blurted excitedly. “I have the money for the sailboat. Can I buy her?”

As he headed out the door, the owner heard him exclaim triumphantly, “I made you and I bought you. You are twice mine!”

This little story or call it a parable if you like, reminds me of the plan of salvation. In a nutshell, we were intrinsically designed by our Creator and when our first parents chose to follow satan over God, He could have thrown in the towel, zapped planet Earth from existence, and started all over again. But He didn’t! He loved us too much. Instead Jesus came to pay the price for our sins, taking them upon himself ~ he who had never sinned ~ and bore them to the cross. He arose victorious over death and sin! He paid the ultimate price to set us free!

All glory to him [Jesus Christ] who loves us and has freed us from our sins by shedding his blood for us.  Revelation 1:5

Jesus both made us and redeemed us. We are twice His!

How does it feel to be twice loved?


2 thoughts on “Twice Mine

    • It sure is and thank you for your comment. It seems like there are always more ways to tell a story that reminds us that Jesus loves us so much. I must remember to thank him often. Hugs to you, my friend.


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