Praying His Words of Thankfulness


I entreated Your favor with my whole heart. Psalm 119:58 NKJV

Father, thank You for the blessing of Your favor upon my life! Thank You that Your blessings come to me abundantly, unexpectedly, delightfully— like showers from heaven, like the dew upon dry ground, like rivers flowing through a thirsty land. Your blessings are mine through Your promises, by Your Spirit, and in Your Son, through whom I have become an heir of all that heaven has to give.

Thank You for all Your favors— the joys of Your holiness, the touch of Your gentleness, the sweetness of Your nearness, the care of Your kindness, the grace of Your loveliness. Thank You for opening doors that no one could shut, for saying “no” to pathways that would have led me away from Your will, for Your amazing timing, and for the people You brought into my life to pray, to help, and to encourage me in my walk with You.

Thank You for surrounding me with Your favor as a protection; with Your glory as an adornment; with Your wisdom as words of life; with Your generosity as a gift of goodness; with Your blessings as a downpour of joy.

Thank You for the way You influence my heart, draw my spirit, and delight my soul. Your gracious generosity will keep me forever grateful!

Scriptures: Psalm 5: 12Psalm 102:13Psalm 89:17Proverbs 8:35Proverbs 11:27Proverbs 12:2Proverbs 14:35Proverbs 16:15Luke 2:52

Thank you, Roy Lessin


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