Hymnlines: “Come On Ring Those Bells”

I “blew the dust off” an old Christmas CD by Evie and hit the play button.  As the first few notes filled the space around me, goosebumps chased one another up and down my body and tears threatened to spill down my cheeks. I knew I was taking a risk with my emotions since the upcoming holidays will forever be bittersweet. Perhaps like me, you will be missing precious feet under your kitchen table too this Christmas. But still I couldn’t resist listening once again. Maybe Evie could help put a little joy into my limp holiday mood.

christmas 09'

Christmas Bells                                        (Photo credit: gingerkatie2006)

Everybody likes to take a holiday
Everybody likes to take a rest
Spending time together with the family
Sharing lots of love and happiness.

I close my eyes and instantly I am behind the wheel of our old Ford station wagon with two wiggly youngsters strapped down in the back seat; their heads bobbing to the tune as they join Evie and belt out chorus ~

Come on, ring those bells,
Light the Christmas tree,
Jesus is the king
Born for you and me.
Come on, ring those bells,
Every-body say,
Jesus, we remember
This your birthday.

This was our ritual song and favorite CD whenever we headed anywhere during the days before Christmas. My boys loved this song. Me too. I still do. But it  takes me back. Takes me back to the days when I had two youngins’ at the supper table yelling in chorus, “Mom, he touched me!” I’ll be the first to admit it . . . that sentence short-circuited my buttons then, but now it bring a smile to my face. I can’t go back, but if I could freeze-frame that picture, I would. If I could erase the pain of suicide death, I would. Like I said, we will be missing someone precious at our table again this year.

Celebrations come because of something good.
Celebrations we love to recall
Mary had a baby boy in Bethlehem
The greatest celebration of all.

But this piece is intended to be a happy one and even put in a plug for you to listen to Evie sing this song on YouTube. Others may do it well, but in my humble opinion, none do it better than this dimpled darling. May you enjoy listening to this timeless favorite and may you find the reason for the season even if you too are missing feet under your table this year.

Remember to praise His works, which generations have celebrated in song.  Job 36:24

~Andrew Culverwell, an English contemporary Christian music artist and songwriter, recorded in the 1970’s and 1980’s. He is probably best remembered for writing the Christmas song “Come On Ring Those Bells”, performed in 1977 by Evie Tornquist-Karlsson.


6 thoughts on “Hymnlines: “Come On Ring Those Bells”

  1. Gracie, Somehow I could not re reive the e-card. I did type in my retrievable able code several times. Thanks for caring & you are one who helps me . I missed church last Sunday, Told my husband I had a stomach ache. & I see I need to NOT go tomorrow & the next Sunday we are going outa town Monday. I just need a sebatico. Church is a place I can not go if I am not the Rainie everyone wants, expects me to be as a pastors wife. The hard part is telling my husband. But I will take a Lorazapam , then tell him. I just wish he could just trust this is the hardest time for me & allow me to do what I have to do for my own self care. I won’t tell him til after he is ready to go for part if it is I need to have time alone. Since winter is here he can not golf & being retired that means he’s here all,the time. Please pray. Rainie

    Sent from my iPad


  2. All I can say here Gracie is ‘to better days’ ~ ‘ to happier times’.
    My happier times were when I had my four darling sons, before the monster, called their dad , completed his number one plan, to steel the hearts of my sons from me their mother.
    He did accomplish his goal reguarding my first born & my last born.
    All I can say & think now is this ~ ‘Why oh why God’ ~ do I have to live the rest of my life without the two sons who ~ against all odds ~ loved me dearly in word & deed ’til the day they died?’ As long as i had them in my life I could endure anything from this life, from my husbands family, ect.
    Now, I just mostly exist, I do not hold back my true self as much as I used to for the sake of ‘others’.
    That seems to be the most important commandment of the christisn faith ~
    Others first ~ and be happy with the left overs.
    Oh, sure , I am still the me God created me to be . Yet on the inside only God knows & cares about my pain from the loss of my two precious sons. I cling to the hope that
    They are now together in Heaven & one day I, too, will be reunited with them & they with me.

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