Tears are God’s jewels – 100 verses

Jesus Wept

Jesus Wept (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Tears are God’s jewels. Read on and you will see why. Sometimes I fret over how to pull words from my heart that will touch someone who has “jewels on their cheeks” at this very moment. I know the pain that often put them there as do you. Sometimes our journeys take us to the same park bench where we can sit and talk and share our stories. Sometimes we must be content with cyber benches and cyber hugs and cyber conversation.

From time to time I share pages from the devotional book, “100 Favorite Bible Verses”. When I picked it up today, I read one that was just what I needed at that moment. Timing is God’s job, so maybe it will be just what you needed to read too.

From 100 Favorite Bible Verses

Jesus wept.  John 11:35

I did not realize that out of all the creatures in God’s creation, only people cry. Tears are a language all their own and often say what words cannot. When Jesus cried outside the tomb of his friend Lazarus, Jesus’ humanity cried out as loudly as his divinity would moments later when Jesus raised his friend from the dead.

Jesus’ tears were different from those of many of the mourners surrounding him. Those people were wailing in accordance with Jewish custom. This tradition allowed the community to fulfill a duty to publicly and loudly lament personal tragedy more so than it allowed those who were grieving a personal a personal release of emotion. The Greek word used here for wept is found nowhere else in  Scripture. It means “to cry silently.” Jesus didn’t cry for the benefit of others. He didn’t cry to make a point or to teach a lesson. He cried because his heart was broken. Sound familiar? Not unlike us today?

God’s heart breaks because he has compassion for those he has created. That means he does not take your pain, sorrow, grief, disappointment, or even physical death lightly. God knows he can bring good out of tragedy just as Jesus knew he could raise Lazarus from the dead. That doesn’t stop God from entering into your present sorrow with you, from reaching out in compassion to bring comfort when you need it most. This says, when we cry, we can cry out to him. He cares about our tears so much that he saves them. Perhaps they are like jewels to him.

We need not feel ashamed of our tears. Jesus was not ashamed to express his emotions and let others see him cry. So we can follow his example of honest emotional vulnerability and cry when we feel the need . . . and then invite him to help dry our tears . . . from the inside out.

You keep track of all my sorrows. You have collected all my tears in your bottle. You have recorded each one in your book.  Psalm 56:8″


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