What’s in a name? published, combine with “The Name above all Names” ?

Names are precious. We ache to hear them repeated aloud, especially if they belonged to someone we’ve been forced to outlive. Have one of those in your life too? There is something lovely about names, especially if they belong to your children or grandchildren. You may have chosen their names, plucked from previous generations to shine once again. Perhaps names that belonged to your dad or mom. Perhaps you swell with pride as you look into the face of an adorable grandchild named after you. There is nothing quite so sweet? Our children are precious and so are their names. When all we have left are bittersweet memories, their names take on new meaning. As much as it hurts to hear, we long for it just the same.

Did you search for your child’s name by its meaning? I didn’t. We just looked through books and then chose names we liked to hear. But I have since looked up my child’s name and if you haven’t done so before, you might do a little research into etymology, the study of the history of names. In Greek, the name Gregory means ~ vigilant. In English it means ~ on the watch.  His middle name is Scott, and in Scottish, means; wanderer. Not sure my son was a vigilant, watching, wanderer, but names can tell a story.

But there are other names that clearly have special significance to Christians. If that offends you, then please read no further. But to the Christian these names are priceless. I have never read so many names for Jesus Christ in one place before. I have Roy Lessin to thank for this list in his devotional, “Today is Your Best Day“.

“Jesus’ name is above every name. His name is so great that the Bible gives Him many other names to help us understand how mighty He truly is. Every name that Jesus bears and everything that Jesus is, He is for you. Consider His glorious names, and the impact they have upon your life.” Roy listed thirty-seven. I have selected some of my favorites to share with you. It’s hard not to list them all!

*The Last Adam:  Through His obedience He came to restore to you everything that the first Adam lost through his disobedience.

*The Advocate:  He is your defending attorney in the courtrooms of heaven.

*Almighty:  He knows no limits to what He can do for you because He is without limitation.

*Alpha: He is the first word in every issue that concerns you.

*Author:  He is writing every chapter of your life and is preparing future editions.

*Beloved:  He brings you the Father’s heart.

*Bread of Life:  He nurtures and sustains you.

*Carpenter:  He is preparing a place for you in His Father’s house.

*Cornerstone:  He is the One you are building your life upon.

*Deliverer:  He is the One who sets you free from the bondage of sin.

*Emmanuel:  He is God with you.

*High Priest:  He is praying for you and standing before God on your behalf.

*Jesus:  He is your Savior.

*Master:  He is in control.

*Omega:  He is the ‘so be it’ to all He directs you to do.

*Refuge:  He is your hiding place.

*Resurrection:  He is your eternal hope.

Even when hope seems impossible, my friends, there is hope: Lord our Lord, your name is the most wonderful name in all the earth! It brings you praise in heaven above.”     Psalm 8:1

There is something about His name.






2 thoughts on “What’s in a name? published, combine with “The Name above all Names” ?

  1. I am so glad He sees all and knows all before we ever do.. And moves us out of situations so we are not as involved when it all comes crashing down. He has my back and knows what is best..

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