No Charge

photo 1 (6)For God loved the world so much that he gave his only Son, so that everyone who believes in him may not die but have eternal life.  John 3:16, GNT

Just an ordinary day running ordinary errands for ordinary purchases. Nothing special. Simply routine with nothing interesting to share . . . but sometimes unexpectedly, material just presents itself ~ a God surprise, you might say. Take today for instance. My last stop was to a specialty shop which has a wonderful deli with all manner of tempting salads, entrees and side dishes. All are arranged beautifully behind glass just begging to be tasted. I ask for a sample and one is readily given. Yum. Each tidbit voices clearly in my head, take me home and you won’t have to cook! Aw, come on . . . you’ve been there too, haven’t you?

I finished making my selections and since I’m always in “just looking” mode, I wheeled my cart by the hot bar just to take a look. One lonely cabbage roll lay forlornly in the corner of the tray. It looked tempting, but I had already calculated my max for today’s purchase and it didn’t include “Mr. Lonely”. Before I could roll on by however, an employee approached the hot bar, just doing his job.

He smiled. He had noted that I gave the cabbage roll a second glance and being a good salesman he promptly offered,  “Don’t you want to take that last one so I can remove the tray?” Surprised and flustered at being caught daydreaming, I returned his smile and slipped away.

I pressed on to the checkout counter to begin the routine task of taking items from the cart and setting them on the conveyor belt. Perhaps even a bit of chit chat with the employee ringing me up. Then to my left “Mr. Salesman” shows up again and this time, bearing gifts. He smiled and held out a plastic container on which he had written with a magic marker, “No Charge”.

“Hope you like it,” He said and walked away. A gift offered by an employee just doing his job. Perhaps his heart was gladdened. I know mine was.

And by the way, the cabbage roll was delicious!

No charge. Hmmm. How often does that happen in one’s life? Certainly not often in mine.

But it reminds me of what Jesus did. He did a “no charge” for us too. A free gift of grace that cost Him everything. Food for thought I’d say.





6 thoughts on “No Charge

    • I agree, Lori! Someone once told me to pencil in my list for the day a “God surprise”. I guess this story qualifies. Thanks for writing and keep your eyes open for your God surprise too! Blessings, Gracie

    • I’m glad you enjoyed it and thanks for responding. I love comments of all kinds and yes meeting you after all these years will be probably a little shocking but mostly delightful even under the stressful conditions that bring us together. God will be there too. Hugs, Anita

    • It’s kind of you to say so and yes, He does do that and often when we aren’t looking. Sometimes the act is so insignificant that we miss it. But I am sure you anticipate the gift and thank Him before it is received. Thanks for “stopping by”. Blessings! Gracie

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