God is . . .


God is . . .
My Tower that never crumbles;
My Light that never flickers;
My Hiding Place that never closes;
My Shield that has no chinks;
My Guide who never gets lost on the trail;
My Guardian who doesn’t take naps;
My Eternal King whose banner I joyously wave;
My Ocean of Love that never has a low tide;
My Provider whose shelves are never empty;
My Physician who still makes house calls;
My Father who is never too busy to be with His child;
My Creator who knew what He was doing when He made me.

O God, Your ways are holy. Is there any god as mighty as You? You are the God of great wonders! Psalm 77:13-14 NLT

~Roy Lessin


4 thoughts on “God is . . .

  1. i dont know wot i believe in iv always felt that reincarnation is wot comes next i dont believe in god i think that for thousands of yrs people have needed to believe in some kind of god, not me i have tried to and religion really interests me, but rite at this moment time i just want to end it

    • I’m sorry you feel that way, Kevin. God is not a crutch for me. He is the almighty powerful God over the cosmos. He created all things including humans made in His image. He created us to worship and not feel complete until we surrender to Him. He knows all things past, present and future. No human can claim that. Surviving and thriving happens when we surrender to His will, knowing He has our best interest at heart. You say “I just want to end it” which means what? It’s no accident that you read this post today.

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