Gift yourself

Yes, my soul, find rest in God; my hope comes from him.  Psalm 62:5, NIV

Relax ~ He's got you covered

Relax ~ He’s got you covered

This little guy is not usually pictured center stage this time of year, but I love it because he looks totally relaxed. What a blessing it is to relax! But the holidays pushes so many buttons, and all seem to demand that we hustle and bustle, so who can spare the time to just be? Maybe we should give some thought to lowering our expectations just a bit, do less pushing through what is expected, and just enjoy the time reconnecting with those we love, even though many of us are missing someone precious at our table this year.

I like Holley’s ideas on Christmas. Perhaps there is a takeaway gift that money cannot buy:

“The wrapping paper lays scattered across the coffee table. Cookie dough sits in the refrigerator waiting for its turn in the oven. Text messages and voice mails beckon “answer me” from your phone.

The to-do has a few lonely items without a check mark next to them. Sometimes it feels this time of year that it will never be done. 

So we rush through the holy. We stress out through the sacred. We worry that we won’t get it right. We fall into bed exhausted at night. We act like Christmas coming depends on us but Christmas is a Person and He already came. 

He whispers to our weary hearts what He said on the cross: “It is finished” {John 19:30}.

In other words, all that really needs doing has already been done. We can relax, rest, enjoy…let the house get a little messy, the wrapping paper be a bit crooked, the cookies be scandalously eaten raw with the family and friends we’ve finally gotten back to on that phone.

christmas-treeChristmas is meant to be a gift not a burden. Receive it. Know that you’re loved. Know that it’s enough. Know there is grace for you that came on a tree without any twinkling lights. Know that ‘it is finished’. 

Then rest. And rejoice. Because Christ still has Christmas covered.”

~Holley Gerth



4 thoughts on “Gift yourself

  1. I no longer enjoy the decorating, gift buying and all the parties at Christmas, but without the birth and ultimately, the crucifixion, of Jesus Christ, I could not keep going.

  2. Beautifully said.. A true inspirational message that I truly needed grieving the loss of my son during a chaotic Holiday season.. 🎄. Thanks again! God bless you & yours

    • I am sorry for the loss of your beloved son, Lori. I agree, this season can be chaotic, overly so. It is hard to stay focused on what’s important with all the focus on the almighty dollar. I remember that this season is really about Jesus and He is the only one who can comfort me no matter what the date is. May He comfort you too. Blessings, Gracie

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