New Year’s Resolutions Revisited

Deep water fishing

Deep water fishing

It’s that time again. Time to change calendars to one that reads 2015 at the top. Seems impossible doesn’t it? But not only do we change calendars, we are supposed to make new resolutions aren’t we? Do you remember when your mom cornered you about something you failed to do and you tried to segue to another topic, hoping she would forget her question? Well, I’m about to do that. I just can’t help it; it was just too funny not to share.

My readers know about my cat, Pipy. I have shared several stories about my hi-jinks cat. Although he loves water: faucet dripping, bath water for dipping, spritzing water from my toothbrush to his face, to name a few. No, I don’t think I’m mean when I spritz him. He sits at the edge of the sink, watching me intently while I brush my teeth, and waits for it!

Even though Pipy has an interest in water, he never has intentionally taken a bath . . . until yesterday. We can only piece the story together, but my backside had something to do with it. I must have accidentally turned on the water with my behind while multitasking with the hair dryer. (Don’t ask. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words.)  Hair done, I left the bathroom unaware that the faucet had been turned on. Fortunately, the tub has a little gizmo that keeps it from overfilling or we would not be having this conversation. I would be too exhausted from pulling up soggy carpet!

Meanwhile, back to Pipy. Our best guess is that he must have decided to dip his paw in the filling tub and lick it dry which he prefers to lapping water out of a bowl like any normal, civilized cat. Perhaps he couldn’t quite reach the water, and since this is a deep soaker tub, we assumed he hopped up on the tub’s slippery edge and you guessed it. He fell in! Now he didn’t stay in for long as you can imagine, but long enough to get thoroughly drenched. Out he came, tearing through the house, leaving wet foot prints everywhere. Finally he settled down to begin the laborious licking to get himself dry and “purrfect” again. Poor Pipy. He looked quite dazed after his surprising bath, but it sure was funny. That was probably his first and last bath during his lifetime. And since he knows nothing about resolutions, he’s making no promises . . . but am I making any?

I should be ashamed to admit this, but I have had the same resolutions on my bucket list for several years now. I’m huddled in front of my computer as I type this ~ as if you could see me if I didn’t ~ which probably helps to keep me honest. The two I will mention are simple and straight forward and obviously hard for me to accomplish: I resolve to eat less and exercise more. Now why don’t I follow through on these? Do you have some that have been on your list for an annoyingly long time too? They roll off the tongue easily in January, but become a distant memory by May . . . or March. Perhaps you are more disciplined than I, and if so, I’m proud of you!!

I would love to read some success stories. Perhaps your successes will help motivate me. I can only hope. As I type this I am aware that there are far too many who recently had to bury someone they love, maybe right before Christmas. The families of two policemen in New York are living this nightmare as we speak. Every Christmas from here on will be laced with the suffering that follows horrific loss. My heart goes out to them and to you too. Fresh grief is a mountain range of pain. Each day that passes is one day farther away from the horrific memory  for me, and I am grateful. You will be grateful too, but it happens almost imperceptibly, like a whisper. So be good to yourself. Take one day at a time, a phrase we often fall back on. But it is true. It is so easy to jack up our agony with “shoulda, woulda, couldas” right?

My grieving friends,  don’t give New Year’s resolutions a thought unless it is your desire. There is nothing harmful about looking out for one’s health, which can help to ease our sorrow going forward, but if our plates are already full, then put aside the things that don’t matter. Instead, just concentrate on taking one step at a time . . . and it’s not a bad idea to follow God’s big ones.

Seek his will in all you do,  and he will show you which path to take.  Proverbs 3:6, NLT



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