Sweet memories

I drew them [the children] to me with affection and love. I picked them up and held them to my cheek; I bent down to them and fed them.  Hosea 11:4, GNT


Berries and vanilla bean ice cream. Yum!

It’s not much of an achievement, but I could probably walk away with a lifetime award for Dairy Queen consumption. Soft-serve may not fill your sweet tooth, but it does mine. Factor in a hot, muggy day, and I am ready to lick a cone.

When I was young, living in a small town had its perks. From my childhood home to the Dairy Queen was about three city blocks. I loved it when Daddy said these yummy words, “Let’s go get a twenty-five cent-er” which was ice cream code for “Let’s buy the largest cone DQ sells and pay only 25 cents.”

I know I date myself when I ask this question: can you believe how cheap Dairy Queen treats were “back in the day?” Drive-thru had not been invented yet, so I stood in line until it was my turn to order. The person inside where it was cool, would lift up the window and listen to my selection, then lower the window to keep the hot air out while making my treat. The window would open again, and money and treat would be exchanged. Ahhh. Cold, creamy, smooth, and sweet. What’s not to like?

My firstborn as a young child could win hands down for making his ice cream last the longest. He absolutely loved the stuff ~ probably pulled from my gene pool. I remember his first taste, however, provided by an enthusiastic aunt. She smiled. He made a face and cried. Even though it was not love at first taste, it soon grew on him and he joined his parents in licking the creamy goodness.

I think my favorite family ice cream memory involved a trip to the coast, and boy, it was a boiling hot day. We were walking across a bed of sizzling sea shells, so unlike the crunch of hot gravel underfoot back home. We needed a ferry to give us a lift and had to wait for it to return before we could board. The heat was unbearable. Was there no relief? And then we spotted it. Towering high above us was the sweetest sign of signs, [DAIRY QUEEN]!!! We were not seeing things. This was no mirage! And I can honestly say I have never had a DQ before or since that tasted that good.

Memories. Life is made up of them. Many are wonderfully sweet while others are so desperately sad, especially after losing someone we love. So why didn’t I take more photos to remember these now priceless moments when there was no one missing back then? Did I think there would always be more opportunities? Yes. I’m sure I did. Did I not factor in the possibility of tragedy? No. Absolutely not.

All memories remain as we survive, outliving our loved ones. But it becomes a blessing when one’s grief journey is able to take a stroll back to happier times. If it’s too soon, and the wound is too raw, I am so sorry for your suffering, but don’t lose hope. You will begin to remember sweeter memories when you are ready . . . maybe even ones smothered in ice cream.

O taste and see that the Lord [our God] is good! Blessed (happy, fortunate, to be envied) is the man who trusts and takes refuge in Him. Psalms 34:8 AMP




2 thoughts on “Sweet memories

  1. We have a lot in common. I love Dairy Queen too. Had a butterscotch dipped cone to celebrate July 4th! I always made Chris an ice cream cake on this birthday, or sometimes purchased one at DQ. Thanks for the memories

    • I’m glad you can recall sweet memories. We do have DQ in common and I also made ice cream cakes for the boys’ birthdays. Seems like ions ago. Thanks for your comment. It’s good to hear from you! ~Gracie

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