Comic relief

A conversation with God ~

Lord, You must have a great sense of humor. A tiny, skinny, grey-tiger pipsqueak of a kitten “attacked” us as we walked by a field of lush green. He was all legs, fur, and purr in his insistence that we take him home. Poor little thing. Who knew when he had last eaten. The least we could do would be to give him a saucer of milk and hope he’d travel elsewhere. After all, we already had one stray who ruled the roost and no one wanted to mess with her. So we’d be foolish to introduce the two of them, wouldn’t we?

Best of 2005: Odor Eater

Odor Eater (Photo credit: greeblie)

I must admit, we went bonkers over this kitten. He immediately showed us his tenacity, antics, and his no-nonsense attempt to win us over and it worked. He began to grow and put on weight and soon Pipsqueak became “Pipy” for short and it fit his personality to a “T”.

Within weeks we suffered a tragic loss. One of our children died. We fell into a deep pit of sorrow and never thought we’d climb out into the sunshine ever again. But all through our sadness, Pipy has delighted us with his game of hide n’ seek or tearing up the stairs lickety-split and sliding around the corner on the tile floor as if he was being chased by a ferocious jungle cat.

It has been several years now since Pipy found us and we still can’t stop laughing at him! It wasn’t long before we realized that God had created Pipy just for us. His timing was “purr-fect.” We needed a break from grief and Pipy provides plenty of comic relief.

How great is our God! Who would think He would care or bother with a scrawny kitten! He not only bothered, He made sure that Pipy had plenty of personality to help keep our hearts light with joy and laughter during a time when sorrow would threaten to bring us down.

Thank You, God. You think of everything ~ even the tiny details. I just love You for that.

recycled kitten

recycled kitten (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

~”Shattered by Suicide”

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