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West meets East

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Thanksgiving brought us many things to be thankful for, most of which is family. What a treat to have family members travel from far out west to spend a short weekend together. We made the most of the time with hugs, food, chatter and laughter making memories to savor.

What a sweet surprise to receive a special gift. A well-traveled box of See’s candy; the brand of choice among those who live closer to the Pacific than the Atlantic. Born a chocoholic, I would never turn down a box of chocolates, even if I do live in the state that’s proud to call Esther Price candy their favorite.

Being polite, we’d never consider tearing into the box with both hands while looking into the loving eyes of the givers. However, once we were alone, no holes barred. I am sad to report that it took all of two days to consume the entire box of chocolates and boy, were they good. We had a variety of chocolate-covered goodies with such divine names as: Old-Fashioned Molasses Chips, chewy Almond Squares, buttery Caramel, Butterscotch Squares, Walnut Squares, and more. It’s nasty to drool on the keyboard, so I’d better stop. But the memory of heavenly chocolate will be on my mind and the thought behind the gift.

Lest anyone think I have switched my preference after 30 years, I best keep my opinions to myself. Some people will say, “chocolate is chocolate” and they may be right. But when west meets east or east meets west, be it family or chocolate, it’s all good.